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    WestEd’s Mandinach to Present on Using Data to Facilitate Improvement

    WestEd’s Ellen Mandinach will present on data-driven decision-making at a workshop for CAEP on Wednesday, March 23 in San Diego, CA....more >

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    WestEd Creates AERA Special Interest Group (SIG)

    DDI welcomes you to join the inaugural business meeting of an AERA Special Interest Group (SIG) on data-driven decision-making. ...more >

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    New Publication: Blended Learning and Data Use in Three Technology-Infused Charter Schools

    A new report to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation titled "Blended Learning and Data Use in Three Technology-Infused Charter Schools" examines blended learning environments....more >

Helping Educators Use Data for Effective Decision Making

The use of data for decision making is an increasingly important topic in education. For the past decade, policymakers have been emphasizing that educators should inform their practice by using evidence-based information, including, but not limited to, assessment data, behavioral data, health data, and even transportation data, to examine how to improve educational outcomes.

Data for decision making applies at all levels: classroom, school, district, state, and federal. Data provide concrete evidence on which to base decisions. For example, the decision to implement a program, new curriculum, or intervention should be based on data that speak to effectiveness in the particular situation. On the Data for Decisions Initiative website you will find:

  • Advice and tools to help educators inform their practice through data
  • A library of research and action reports on data for decision making
  • Opportunities for collaboration and reflection to advance practice and policy toward better and more use of data for decision making. more >