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New Book: Data for Continuous Programmatic Improvement

Dr. Ellen B. Mandinach and Dr. Edith S. Gummer have released a new book that addresses the issue of data use in educator preparation programs toward continuous programmatic improvement.

With an aim to increase the rigor in both research and practice in educational administration and teacher education, this volume will analyze the longstanding quality concerns about teacher and leadership preparation and standards for programs and educators, as well as controversies concerning national accreditation and federal efforts to mandate program reporting data. By exploring the policies and practices that influence departments of education, this volume examines the increasing pressures to improve institutional functioning within a complex system of university, state, and national structures and organizations.

Contents include:

  1. Introduction and Overview
  2. Landscape View of the Continuous Improvement Process
  3. Creating a Data Culture in Educator Preparation: The Role of the States
  4. Building Capacity and Commitment for Data Use in Teacher Education Programs
  5. Moving Toward Common Measures to Accelerate Improvement: A Roadmap for Educator Preparation Programs
  6. Connected for Improvement: The Teacher Preparation Data Model and TPP Dashboard
  7. Learning to Walk the Walk of Continuous Improvement
  8. Visualizing Data: Necessary but Not Sufficient for Educator Preparation Program Continuous Improvement
  9. Lessons Learned While Building a Data Use Culture
  10. Conclusions: Challenges, Opportunities, and Next Steps