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The Data for Decisions Initiative (DDI) seeks to help education stakeholders—including educators, policymakers, and researchers—access solution-driven tools, resources, and research to inform their practice and develop a better understanding of how high-quality data use can successfully inform teaching and learning.

This page offers resources which focus on the nuts and bolts of how teachers, school, districts, and even states effectively use data to improve educational outcomes. They address how data are used to for particular, pressing educational questions, issues, or topics such as English language learners or special education.

This page will be updated regularly with new materials, so check back often!

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Resource TitleAuthor(s)DateAudience(s)
Practitioner Data Use in Schools: Workshop ToolkitBocala, C., Henry, S. F., Mundry, S., Morgan, C., WestEd2014Educator, Policymaker
Earning Trust: Interview with Sara McClainDoing What Works2009Educator
You Can’t Hide From Data: Interview with Marjorie StealeyDoing What Works2009Educator
Establishing a Common Understanding: Interview with Alexandra PardoDoing What Works2009Educator
Start With the Data: Interview with Dominique McCainDoing What Works2009Educator
Digging Into the Statewide Testing System: Interview with Christopher WoolardDoing What Works2009Educator, Policymaker, Researcher
The “Data Wise” Improvement Process: Eight Steps for Using Test Scores to Improve Teaching and LearningBoudett, K.P., City. E.A., Murnane, R.J.2006Educator
A Recipe for ELL Student SuccessMather, M.A.2013Educator, Policymaker
Using Data: It’s the Process that Leads to ImprovementNunnaley, D.2009Educator
Flex Your School’s Data Muscles: Leadership Strategies Strengthen Data’s ImpactUnger, J.2013Educator
Five Steps for Structuring Data-Informed Conversations and Action in EducationKekahio, W. & Baker, M.2013Educator, Policymaker, Researcher
How State Education Agencies in the Northeast and Islands Region Support Data-Driven Decision Making in Districts and SchoolsLaPointe, M.A., Brett, J., Kagle, M., Midouhas, E., Sanchez, M.T., Oh, Y., & North, C.2009Educator, Policymaker, Researcher
Getting the Evidence for Evidence-Based Initiatives: How the Midwest States Use Data Systems to Improve Education Processes and OutcomesMcDonald, S., Andal, J., Brown, K., & Schneider, B.2007Educator, Policymaker, Researcher
What Four States are Doing to Support Local Data-Driven Decision Making: Policies, Practices, and ProgramsGottfried, M., Ikemoto, G., Orr, N., & Lemke, C.2011Educator, Policymaker, Researcher